CMA welcomes guest speaker

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 26, 2013 | Categories:

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On Thursday, February 21, CMA welcomed a guest speaker to warn our cadet corps about the dangers of social media and one’s online “imprint.” Al Johnson, a retired digital forensics expert from the FBI, cautioned students on how their current online behavior could affect their future. Mr. Johnson warned that future educational institutions and/or employers may look at a potential applicant’s online behavior when making decisions about the applicant. Johnson also encouraged the cadets to create and maintain REAL friends and relationships, emphasizing the importance of face-to-face interaction.

“The program was entertaining as well as informative of the dangers of putting too much information online.” Tanner Youngblood, 11thGrade, Dallas Texas

“Most people probably don’t realize that what you put on the internet will hurt you when you try to find a job. From my prospective, I thought the assembly was extremely educational.” Turner Jones, 11thGrade, Jacksonville, Florida

“Mr. Johnson told us that a paper resume today is no good, you have to show that you are a professional adult. The pictures and videos that are put on facebook is not worth it. We need to have friends in real life. Random people that we do not know on these social websites could harm people.” Saurya Neupane, 11thGrade, Cary NC

“The program was very informative. I learned that many job interviewers will use social media sites like Facebook.” Connor Rushing, 10thGrade, Clayton NC

“I learned it is really important to know the advantages and disadvantages of social media sites. Thousands of people use Facebook, twitter and many other social media sites. They put information about themselves which should be private. So I think the program was beneficial to all of us” Ahad Lutful, 11thGrade, Jamaica NY