CMA Scouts Spring Plans

By: Casey Robinson on Apr 17, 2017 | Categories: Clubs

Camden Crest

The scouts have been and will continue to be very busy for the rest of the school year!

1. The troop went camping during the weekend of the 8th April 2017. We wound up camping at Lee state Park because Congaree National Park was flooded. We still took care of basic map and compass navigation for the newer members, as well as basic cooking skills.

2. Major Hartley has very busy with promotion boards for the scouts. Everything from tenderfoot to life ranks were achieved by our scouts over the last few weeks.

3. Here's the following status of our Eagles this year so far...

a. Bailey Ezell will go before the Eagle board from the district this April 18th. Wish him luck. His project entailed the building of the long benches along the football field for the soccer and lacrosse teams.

b. Austin McMurtrie's project entails the building of two sitting benches and a decent picnic table for a church in Sumter. That project is 2/3 complete and will be completed on the weekend of the 22nd of April.

c. Tanner Paul's project is the construction of the last needed long sitting bench for the football field, and the Re-roofing of the sports shed by the baseball field. The shed is in bad shape and leaks badly during rain storms. The long bench is nearly complete, and the roof is scheduled to be completed by the end of April.

d. Aaron Batalka's project entails him leading the construction of 4 sitting benches and two trash can receptacles of the historic park. Hopefully, these will be constructed before the weekend of the 29th. There is state run fishing "rodeo" put out by DNR, with the Historic Camden Revolutionary War Site hosting it. There are currently no sitting benches in that area of the park because the old ones fell apart.

4. There is an scout Eagle project trip planned for the scouts at my house for the weekend of the 22 April (with permission from the administration). So far, it looks to be an overnight for Saturday and Sunday. We look to finish McMurtrie's and Batalka's projects that weekend. The Automotive Maintenance and other merit badges may be offered that weekend. Looking for those young men willing to put work into this weekend. Slackers will stay on campus!

5. There is a scout camping trip to James Island County Park near Charleston, SC for the weekend of 5-7 May 2017. The cost for staying there and for some of the food was already paid by Bobby Bellows, who graduated back around 2005!

6. The troop is being recognized for its volunteer efforts with an award at the Camden City board meeting on the second Tuesday night of May 2017!
If you feel so kind, please attend this event for a show of support! More about the time at a later date. I plan to take most of the troop out to this event and dinner (probably Ming's).

7. I will be scheduling Eagle boards in May for Batalka and Paul. They should get all their projects and paperwork ready by then. THANKS FOR THE FACULTY MEMBERS WHO HAVE ALREADY GIVEN RECOMMENDATIONS TO OUT EAGLE CADETS! McMurtrie's board will be in the fall when he gets back in August.

8. There will be an Eagle court during graduation weekend. It's held during that Saturday afternoon about an hour after the awards ceremony is completed (around 4, depending on the year) The location is usually at Grace Episcopal. I'll have firmer arrangements within a few weeks for this event.

Thanks for your support