CMA Robotics By: Cadet Harbaugh

By: Casey Robinson on Jan 18, 2018 | Categories:


In robotics right now we have just started received the objectives for this years robotics competition. These objectives need to be accomplished by our robot that we have six weeks to build. This period of time is very tedious and takes a lot of creativity and exactness in order to create not one but three robots to complete tasks that gain us points in order to defeat the competition. These robots will need to be durable yet agile in order to maneuver quickly around the playing grounds to complete the set tasks. With durability and quickness these robots need to have precise measurements to be within the measurements of the rules and size to complete given tasks. This is a test of teamwork for the Robotics Team but with teamwork and creativity we will create something amazing this year for the 2018 Robotics Competition.