CMA Parade By: Cadet Palumbo

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 21, 2016 | Categories:


There are many types of military traditions; one of the big ones is the CMA parade. Most people think of parades as people marching down the street, cars with designs all over them, music playing loudly, and flashing colors, but that is not how we do it at Camden Military Academy. Parades at CMA are quiet, and only take place on a field, instead of a street. The only people talking are the ones giving the commands, such as the Company Commanders, the Adjutant, and the Battalion Commander. We have the colors come to the middle of the field to present the flags. Then we play the National Anthem. Which brings us to the music part, we have our own band with twenty plus members in it. The band plays a cadence to which we march too. During the parade we have the National Anthem play, at the same time the flag detail and the cannon detail. Then we lower the American flag and fold it into a triangle. After that we conduct retreat. After retreat is over, everyone marches back to their companies as a unit. Parades at CMA usually last about thirty - forty minutes long.