CMA Makes a Difference

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 29, 2014 | Categories: General

Our family was searching for a school that would fully develop our son into a man. We desired a school that would teach responsibility, discipline, courtesy and respect, in addition to standard academic subjects and sports. Furthermore, our son was searching for a way to express his independence and self-reliance. We were fortunate to find Camden Military Academy and are greatly impressed with Camden's ability to transform our son, in such a short period of time. By the end of October of his first year, our son was displaying respect and courtesy which he was previously lacking. In addition, through Camden's approach to academics, and their tutoring program, we were greatly pleased to see a rapid improvement in our son's grades. Our son is happy at Camden, because he likes the independence that a boarding school provides, while still providing structure and supervision. We strongly recommend Camden Military Academy to prospective families searching for a truly unique and rewarding academic experience.

Sincerely, Robert Gaddis, Miami, Florida