CMA holds FCA Prayer Breakfast

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 21, 2014 | Categories: General, Clubs

FCA Prayer Breakfast
On February 25th the boys from Camden Military Academy took a trip to New Horizons a local restaurant. At this restaurant the boys with faculty met for a FCA breakfast.
It is always encouraging and powerful when students and faculty can meet together for the purpose of Christ.
The speaker was Camden Military Academy’s very own Reverend Brent Kendall. Reverend Kendall shared a tough message from 2 Timothy 3:10-17. We all learned or were reminded of the importance of knowing the voice of God through the Holy Scriptures.
Reverend Kendall brought a powerful illustration to make his point by blindfolding a cadet and trying to navigate him through a crowd of noisy distractions trying to get him off the path. The truth from this is that in life the enemy does use many distractions to keep us from being in the will of Christ and we need to know His voice and teaching through the Holy Scriptures.
It is always encouraging to have men and women of God like Reverend Kendall to be a positive example for Christ at this great school.
Submitted by: Chaplain Walker