CMA Fallout

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 28, 2016 | Categories:

Fallouts at Camden Military Academy are done in the morning anywhere from 6:30am to 7am. Fallouts include tasks which are cleaning the hallway, bathroom, or outside. Bathroom squad is assigned to clean their platoon’s bathroom by cleaning the sinks, mirror, floor, showers, etc. Hallway squad is assigned to vacuum the hallway and to make sure objects in the hallway are clean. Outside squad is assigned to go around the barracks picking up pieces of trash that they find. With about 4-5 people in each squad the fallout is completed at 7am. As a platoon leader my job is to monitor each of the three squads to make sure they are doing their job correctly and efficiently. At the beginning of the year my job is to train the squad leaders about how to clean their areas and to teach the platoon sergeant how to inspect the area. Without all the cadets and leaders working together, the fallouts would not be able to be completed, which results in dirty barracks.

- 2nd Lieutenant Offredo