CMA Drama Class presents Tell-Tale Heart

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 15, 2012 | Categories:

Edgar Allan Poe's heart-pounding tale about an evil eye, madness and murder comes to life in our school play. The floorboards vibrate with a thumping pulse and the guilty man squirms, surrounded by the ravens of death in our drama class production, which is accurate from the story "The Tell-Tale Heart". First introduction was given and the ravens were given the Que to run up on stage. Then the Villain killed and chopped the body and him them under the floor boards. The ravens were eager for the man to die. The villain was glad to get rid of the heartbeat and the EVIL Eye! The inceptors were but the villain had nothing to hide. He had hid the body in the most careful way, so that no blood traces were left and no one would ever know. But soon the heart beat came back and the Villain could bare it no longer and snapped. He killed the cop and ran off without a trace, he and the ravens were never heard from again. We couldn't have put the production without the help of the "Drama Club & Drama Class" with LTC Hartley-yarborough and the "Art Appreciation" with Mrs. Thaxton. It was a little more creative than last year and so influencing that the teachers are going to put on their own show in December, as a little challenge.

Raven 1 - Penjaraenwatana

Raven 2 - Smith K

Raven 3 - Powell

Villain- Puhl

Old Man - Beck N

Officer - Alison T

Sergeant - Synhorst

Constable - Perry

Intro to Play - Zhou

Head of Drama/Theatre Class - LTC Hartley-Yarborough

Sound Production - Caputo, Mr. Yarborough

Pictures - Starks

Set - Art Appreciation Class, Mrs Thaxton

Accrediting movie - Bowen, Perry Penjaraenwatana

Drama Class

Camden Military Academy