CMA Academics

By: Casey Robinson on Dec 8, 2015 | Categories: General, Academic

Government -

Major Horn’s Government classes recently watched the video “Mississippi Burning,” a Hollywood version of the story surrounding the murder of three civil rights workers in Mississippi in 1964. The video was a culmination of a unit dealing with civil rights/equal protection. The students got a glimpse of life in the South before the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. This unit of study hopefully gave them an appreciation of the struggles some groups in our country have faced in gaining their rights granted under the Constitution.

Geography -

Colonel Rice's Geography 7 classes just wrapped up studying South America. The cadets learned about the physical, political, cultural and economic aspects of each country. The students took two map quizzes on Google Slides. The cadets were required to identify all the countries in South America as well as locate cities, and physical features. The students did very well in both the map quizzes and the chapter tests.

English -

Cpt. Spratt's English 4 British Literature class recently read excerpts from Geoffrey Chaucer's famous poem "The Canterbury Tales" that humorously captures medieval life in England in the late 1300s. Each student was assigned a medieval profession (such as a monk, a franklin, an apothecary, a miller, a yeoman) portrayed in Chaucer's poem, and had to write a research report documenting this tradesman's roles and responsibilities. Students learned about a world very different from--and yet connected to--the world we live in today, and they gained a greater understanding of and appreciation for the time and place in which Chaucer wrote his great masterpiece.

Cpt. Wright’s English II classes are exploring transferring personal experiences into their own work of short fiction as autobiographical essays. The cadets are creating expositions, or basic situations that describe setting and character. This is followed by the introduction of a conflict or a complication the character(s) encounters, which is the true engine of fiction, that creates emotion and grabs the reader's interest and empathy. Next week, cadets will proceed with more "rising action," which is the next step in the process of creating short fiction.

Sciences -

In Anatomy, cadets are looking at muscle groups and the cardiovascular system. Students will be looking at the structure and function of the heart, getting tests like those for blood pressure, and finishing up the learning of major muscle groups in the lab, as well as looking at various animal hearts.

In Biology cadets are in the middle of Genetics. They just had a test with Punnett Squares, testing out their knowledge of Mendelian dominant and recessive genes, "blending traits" and genetic outcomes. After a definition test, cadets will look at multiple allele genetics and begin chromosomal genetics. Next week will be labs dealing with genetics. Students will be counting corn kernels, and cutting out chromosomes just in time for Christmas.

In Cpt. Lopez's chemistry class cadets have just concluded learning about the quantum mechanical model of the atom. They are now reviewing the behavior of electrons by diving deep into the Aufbau principal, The Pauli Exclusion Principal, and Hund's Rule. Once they finish the current chapter the boys will be able to characterize all the elements in the periodic table by their orbital diagrams, and by their electron configuration notation and noble gas electron configuration notation.