CMA 2014 Baseball Preview

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 7, 2014 | Categories: General, Athletics

Varsity Baseball - Pitchers and Catchers

We started practicing with pitchers and catchers on our JV and Varsity Baseball teams on Wednesday, January 15. We have had a steady number of about 10-12 kids each day. The purpose of this is to get these kids on the right path to be successful pitchers and catchers at the high school level. The main goal is to get thier arms and legs in shape to be able to pitch for multiple innnings and maintain their endurance. We have done lots of long tossing, a couple of flat grounds, and worked on their off-speed pitches. We have also practiced fielding at the pitcher position. We will start working on our pick-offs and start throwing some bullpens next week. This will give us a good indication of what areas we need to concentrate on for us to succeed. We are very proud of how these guys are pushing themselves with conditioning and leadership Some of our leaders so far are Casey Dyer, Eric Stromme, Turner Jones, and Kody Kaminer. These guys will lead our young group of pitchers in the right direction.