CMA Weekly Update

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 5, 2020 | Categories: General


Upcoming Week

We have a busy week with lots going on at CMA this week. On Tuesday, all cadets will be taking the ACT. They will need to be in class by 8:20 to begin. All cadets will be tested, even 7th and 8th graders. This is to just familiarize them with the test for the future when it really is important to make a good score. There will be no morning classes as the test will last through lunch.

The following day there will be an anti-bullying play during 6th period. Ms. Thaxton’s Theater Arts class will conduct the play in the gym and the cadets will have a chance to get out of a class and enjoy themselves while also receiving a very important message. The day will not end there as a number of cadets will have the chance to go to the movie theater at downtown Camden. The theater will only be open to CMA and will be sanitized before the cadet’s arrive so there is no covid risk. They will have a chance to get soda, popcorn, and candy. Cadets will get to forget about any CMA stress for a few hours.

We will also have Saturday classes this week. Cadets have missed a few classes these last few weeks due to the SAT, SAT/ACT workshop, and the football scrimmage. Saturday classes provide a chance for the teachers and students to catch up on any missed material. Saturday classes begin at 8:30 and end at 12pm. On Sunday, we will have our normal chapel service.