CMA Scout Troop 38 Update!

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 24, 2020 | Categories: General, Clubs

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The scouts have been very active over the last month and will continue to be so until the end of the school year.

1. Troop 38 gave its scouts an opportunity to try out for the Shotgun Merit badge over this last month on January 31st. Opportunities for the Rifle Merit Badge will take place later this spring.

2. The last camping dates are for the weekend of March 14th, and the first weekend in May. That last campout will be at Huntington Beach State Park, SC....Parents are invited. Just give me a heads up of at least a week.

3. We have at least one more Eagle Scout Project to work with this year. Cadet Commisso is going to build furniture and duck boxes for a new riverfront park for the City of Camden in March of this year.

4. We attended a town meeting for the Communications and Citizenship in the Community merit badge requirements this past month.

5. Five scouts were promoted so far this month for various ranks. We are looking for at least three more promotions next week!

6. Indian Waters Council Scout Law Merit Badge Day was attended by Troop 38 in the beginning of January. Nine of our scouts attended and learned about the law and heard from circuit judges, lawyers, and police officials about their view of their legal system at the Lexington County Judicial Center.

Lets learn some more about Scout Master Simonson as well...

Hello, my name is Greg Simonson, I am the biology and anatomy and physiology teacher at Camden Military Academy. I am also the scout master for Troop 38 for the scouts on campus. I graduated from the University of Connecticut majoring in biology and a minor in psychology. I started teaching at CMA in 1990, which makes this 30 years of teaching! I am extremely happy to be here at CMA and I really love watching these young men grow into the best versions of themselves.

If your ever on campus, stop by his classroom to say hi!