CMA Cadets Receive Peer Mediation Certification!

By: Casey Robinson on Aug 24, 2022 | Categories: General

Peer Med

Camden Military Academy selected 12 students to participate in the Peacemakers Peer Mediation Program. They participated in a weekend training course and received a certificate in Basic Peer Mediation. The students ranged in ages from 13-18; and grades 8-12. Mr. Michael Dagenais, a school counselor with White Knoll High School in Lexington, SC was the primary trainer. The purpose of the training was to teach the students the basic fundamentals of conducting a peer mediation session. Peer mediation in schools has been around for several decades, but it is not widely utilized in schools. This is the inaugural year of the program at our school. The program's purpose is to help reduce minor conflicts between students and provide a safe and confidential space for disputing students to resolve their interpersonal conflict. Research has shown that conflict often occurs because students just don't understand each other, and peer mediation is a great way to help students understand each other's feelings by talking through their disputes. During the two-day training sessions, the students were taught the qualities of a mediator; as well as basic skills of active listening, understanding conflict, empathy, and mediation skills.