Classroom Updates

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 22, 2016 | Categories: General, Academic

English -

In LTC Hartley’s 8th grade English classes cadets are writing their own books. This project started in February, and was being wrapped up in March . Cadets are enjoying this project so much because they are creating something of their own. Cadets are getting to understand the basics of writing a book and think creatively.

Sciences -

In Mr. Eckenroth's 9th grade physical science class, cadets are learning how many simple machines work. Students are researching all the complex machines they use on a daily basis, which include incline planes, pulleys, wedges, screws, wheels and axles. Students are learning to describe the Mechanical Advantage of the every day simple machines they use at CMA.

In Physics, cadets just finished a lesson on gravity. Cadets created a short film explaining different components of gravity and its functions. Cadets enjoyed shooting and editing these films to be shown to the class.

Law -

In Colonel Jordan's law education classes, cadets are having a busy and interesting year! Along with the fascinating curriculum, the students have had the opportunity to spend time with two military working K9s. They have been learning about K9 genetics, health, training and operations. The dogs are very friendly and the boys are having a great time with them.