Class Reunions

By: Casey Robinson on Apr 24, 2013 | Categories: General

The Alumni Office has received some inquiries from alumni about reunions for their classes. Although we encourage you and your classmates to attend the fall homecoming football game to meet with friends, we know that the springtime months might be more convenient. With the social media network/contacts, you could plan a gathering at your chosen location and if you want to visit the campus as a part of your reunion, you can check the website’s yearly calendar for the school’s annual breaks/furloughs. We have also helped alumni members through email and/or mail to send out the details about their class plans to meet at locations outside of CMA. For instance, Carlisle Military School Class of 1958 met at a hotel in Columbia for Friday and Saturday activities. Camden Military Academy Classes of the 60’s met in Columbia at a restaurant within a short distance of accommodations and, months later, met at a class representative’s home. However, if you want to include CMA in your plans, feel free to contact our alumni office about scheduling a parade and/or campus tours as part of your reunion. Contact Diane Robinson at or 800-948-6291.