Civil Air Patrol Winter Ranger Training by:LT. Paramore(Squadron SC-805, Commanding)

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 13, 2017 | Categories: Clubs

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Winter Ranger Search and Rescue Training is an activity hosted by the NC Wing of Civil Air Patrol. This year, our squadron will be taking four cadets along with myself and LTC Glenn Melberg. Over the course of the weekend, we will have two cadets completing basic training, as well as two cadets and two seniors participating in intermediate training. During the Basic Course, students will learn about navigation, winter search and rescue techniques, cold weather survival, mission scenarios, patient evacuation, camp site selection, and preparing for cold weather operations. The Intermediate Course is a second year course where students will continue their education and skills to properly function in a cold weather environment. Upon successful completion of the training weekend, Basic students will earn their Ground Team 3 rating(24 hour missions), and Intermediate students will earn their Ground Team 2 rating(48 hour missions). We are looking forward to meeting other cadets and seniors in CAP and beginning our training!