Civil Air Patrol 2017

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 13, 2017 | Categories:


Our squadron has had a busy, yet productive first six weeks of the school year. We welcomed eight new members into our squadron in September! We also began the first phase of the CAP Model Rocketry Program. Our cadets have successfully built and launched two rockets under the Redstone phase of the program. They have also passed the Redstone phase written portion of the program.

This year we are participating in the Medal of Honor Character Development Program. Throughout the school year, our cadets will study the core values of Civil Air Patrol and examine real stories from Medal of Honor recepients. Cadets will analyze the stories and be able to explain the importance of the core values and their role in daily life decision making. We have also implemented the Drug Demand Reduction Excellence Program in our squadron. The Drug Demand Reduction mission is dedicated to helping Civil Air Patrol cadets achieve excellence in life by making good choices and remaining free of drugs and alcohol. This is especially important if the cadet wants to become a part of the military or the professional world of civilian aviation or business.

We officially begin our Emergency Services Training October 17. We are excited to start our Ground Search and Rescue Training. We have a highly trained and qualified staff eager to train cadets in Search and Rescue. There are four levels of Ground Team training. Ground Team 3 (24 hour missions), Ground Team 2 (48 hour missions), Ground Team 1 (72 hour missions), and Ground Team Leader (must be 18). Each level requires certain training and knowledge to earn certification. By the end of the school year, our cadets will have earned Ground Team 1 certification. This level of training will have cadets proficient in the use of a compass, land navigation and map reading, survival skills, and search and rescue techniques. We are excited to begin the training!

This Saturday (October 14), we have six new cadets who will be receiving their first Orientation Flights. The goal of the cadet orientation flight program is to introduce youth to flying. The Cadet Orientation Flight Program is designed to introduce our youth to general aviation through hands-on orientation flights in single engine aircraft and gliders. Pictures will be posted on the Facebook page.