Civil Air Patrol...What is it?

By: Casey Robinson on Apr 17, 2014 | Categories: General

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) was established 1 December 1941 and is a private, nonprofit organization of a benevolent character, and incorporated by the United States Congress on 1 July 1946 (36 USC 40301-40307).
The objects and purposes of CAP, as contained in 36 U.S.C. 40302, are to:
a. Provide an organization to encourage and aid citizens of the United States in contributing their efforts, services, and resources in developing aviation and in maintaining air supremacy.
b.Encourage and develop by example the voluntary contribution of private citizens to the public welfare.
c. Provide aviation and aerospace education and training especially to its senior and cadet members.
d.Encourage and foster civil aviation in local communities.
e. Provide an organization of private citizens with adequate facilities to assist in meeting local and national emergencies.
The major missions of CAP are (1) Emergency Services which includes disaster relief and Search & Rescue of downed aircraft and crew; (2) Foster interest in aviation through Aerospace Education within the local squadrons and to the local community; (3) Cadet Programs where young men and women from age 12-18 can learn moral leadership, character development and participate in a multitude of aviation related events.