Chinese New Year

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 13, 2013 | Categories:

February 9, 2013 is the Chinese New Year’s Day. Everybody in China stays home with their family to watch the Chinese New Year TV show. But here in America, the Chinese New Year is not celebrated. So I asked Mr. Casey Robinson if he would take the Chinese students out to eat for dinner to celebrate. The dinner was really good. We can’t eat with our family, but we can eat with our Chinese friends. Also, the Chinese food is good. I enjoyed this party. I had a very good Chinese New Year Day.

Flamingo Wang, 12thGrade

Shang Hai, China

February 9th is the New Year for Chinese people. Also this is my last year at Camden Military Academy. I have had three good years at CMA. We have had a New Year party every year that I have been at Camden. We go to the Chinese restaurant and have a good fun night.

Welfare Wang, 12thGrade

Shang Hai, China