Chemistry Reactions

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 7, 2013 | Categories: General, Academic

I was on my way to my 6th period class. Captain Alford’s chemistry class, where I had remembered we have a lab today. When I get to Captain Alford’s class, I see materials like cardboard, empty water bottles, rubber bands, glue, and more. All these materials are there to make a bottle car. Three others and I built the car. It wasn’t the best, but it looked like it could work. But the real fun was tomorrow.
That next day I was excited because it was the last period of the day and also because we had the lab. As we grabbed our cars and walked out the circle, I see vinegar, baking soda, and toilet paper. So the way Captain Alford did it was, he poured vinegar in the bottle, rolled up the baking soda in the toilet paper, and struck it fully in the bottle. He closed the cap and slightly shook it. This caused a chemical reaction which shot the car, depending on how well you built your car. If the wheels were good, it could go as far as 20 feet. See, my car was not very successful, but it’s not about how successful it was but what you learned. The main thing is that you learned about a chemical reaction. And how the acid in the vinegar reacted with the baking soda and created a reaction. I think this was a very fun lab and I suggest to any other chemistry teachers to do it with their classes.