Chaplain Walker Reflects on the First Cadet Spiritual Trip

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 16, 2015 | Categories: General, Clubs


September 25-26th cadets took a trip to Tracy’s Camp. This trip was to get away and to reflect on their spiritual lives. The boys listened to Parker Thornton, a special speaker from FCA, as he shared his message. He challenged the boys as they learned the story of the Bible from Genesis to the book of Revelation. Mr. Parker shared the importance of Christ and his sacrifice for the sins of the world, and what it means for each individual.

Not only were the boys challenged by the guest speaker, but they also enjoyed participating in paintball games, outdoor activities and a bonfire. They also were given the opportunity to grow closer together as students and to grow closer with the staff involved. These trips are done twice a year for the spiritual growth and fellowship of each student who attends.

I hope that every student who goes will get the full impact of these trips and will have lasting spiritual fruit as they continue to learn about Christ and the importance of walking out the Christian life.

-Chaplain Walker