chaplain hunter & Mrs. hunter speak at usc

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On February 3, 2022, Chaplain and Mrs. Hunter were invited by Professor Loren Tharp of UofSC to speak to her psychology students. Dr. Loren Tharp is a psychology professor at the University of South Carolina. She invites professionals to come and speak to her classes regarding their career paths and to speak on their experiences in working with youth. Dr. Tharp teaches 2 classes of PSYC 420 Survey of Developmental Psychology and 1 class of PSYC526 / Prevention of Psychological Problems in Children and Youth. The UofSC students in PSYC 420 have aspirations of working in a helping profession as teachers, counselors, social workers, or chaplains. The goal was for the students to hear from professionals already working in these careers. Chaplain Hunter educated the students about the work of a chaplain in providing pastoral care and counseling; and his experiences as the chaplain and campus pastor at Camden Military Academy. His wife, Mrs. Karen Hunter, spoke to the class about her career experiences as a school counselor.
Chaplain and Mrs. Hunter were both received very well by the students, as was evidenced by the number of students who approached them after their presentations to ask questions.
Chaplain Hunter and his wife have been invited to speak at a future date to Dr. Tharp's other PSYC 420 class as well as her PSYC 526 class.

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