Change of Environment: Getting Away from Negative Influences

By: Casey Robinson on Jul 22, 2019 | Categories: General


Families often share with us that they would like a “change of environment” for their son. What does that mean? That usually means that there are some influences or factors negatively impacting their son. The influences or factors could be marital issues, family illness or poor friend choices just to name a few.

Sometimes in life we have to make choices no matter how hard they seem. Sometimes these choices mean change. When people or places have a negative influence on you the best thing to do is get out of that environment. This is one of several reasons students enroll at Camden Military Academy.

CMA allows students to have a fresh start without all the distractions from home, friends or their current school. Camden cadets make new groups of friends, have teachers who care, and a staff who will guide them into becoming a man of upstanding character. The hardest way to change is by staying in an environment in which you are comfortable.

It is always healthy for the mind, body and spirit to be surrounded by peers, instructors and others who are constantly challenging you to be make the right decisions and be positive in any given situation.

Don’t believe us? Come visit our campus and ask our cadets!