cashless campus

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 13, 2022 | Categories:

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Since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, Camden Military Academy has used a cashless system for the Carlisle House. This means that instead of getting our weekly allowance for the Carlisle House in cash, now we use an I.D. card which gets scanned whenever we want to buy something. This system is way more productive because losing an I.D. card is replaceable, but losing cash isn’t. This process in the Carlisle House is also more efficient, as the line moves faster just by scanning a barcode, rather than calculating how much change needs to be returned to the cadets. The Carlisle House is also extremely affordable, with drinks and candy only being $1 and all other items being $3 or less. The line is only long when we have Chick-Fil-a every Tuesday, and sometimes when we get a special treat like Popeyes or Burger King. Every Sunday our weekly allowance gets refreshed, so say you get paid $20 a week, every Sunday, you get $20 to spend on the upcoming week. Even if you get a low allowance, as said before, the items in the Carlisle House are extremely affordable. After you buy what you want, you can chill out and watch t.v. with your friends, or enjoy your snacks back in the barracks.

Written By, Cadet Bernard