Captain Holman's Spanish Class

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 15, 2023 | Categories: General, Academic

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¡Saludos del Capitán Holman! Greetings from Captain Holman! Spanish classes are off to a good start this second semester.

Spanish 1 students are building their vocabulary learning how to describe their school supplies and some aspects of their school schedule- what class they have first, next etc. Soon they will learn family members and describing their family. They are also learning how to conjugate verbs in present tense in order to be better able to use those verbs with any subject. This will add to the basics they’ve learned in order to prepare for Spanish 2.

In Spanish 2 classes this semester, students have learned several body parts and how to describe if they are sick and have pain in different areas of their body. They also have learned many words for different vegetables, fruits, meats, drinks and other items in order to describe what makes up a healthy diet vs an unhealthy diet and what items make up a typical grocery shopping list. Currently students are learning various verbs in preterite tense in order to describe what happened in the past. Upcoming topics include describing their school day in detail and a project creating a travel / vacation destination using Spanish to plan and describe their trip and practicing a conversation ordering food at a restaurant.

All students get some practice honing their listening skills with the video series Destinos which feature several native Spanish speakers from different countries and also getting some conversation practice with basic greetings.

- Captain Greg Holman (Spanish Instructor)