CAP Ranger Training Weekend 2018

By: Casey Robinson on Jan 26, 2018 | Categories:

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CAP has been doing amazing things in the new year! Myself and other cadets went to a Ranger Training weekend in the North Carolina mountains. It was a blast. We learned different kinds of knots, how to conduct and participate in search lines, use a compass, and learned basic medical knowledge when operating in the woods. Emergency Services is a huge part of our squadron, but it is only a 3rd of what we’ve been up to in the squadron. The cadets have also been learning model rocketry! The cadets have been learning basic aerodynamics as well as building a physical rocket that contains a parachute! We recently had the opportunity to launch these rockets and it was an absolute blast! We’ve been one of the most active squadrons in the state, and were actually recognized by the Wing Staff (the head staff of the state) in excellence and achievement. I love the squadron here at CMA and I take huge pride in saying I am apart of such a outstanding group. Our cadets are applying to various academies like the National Emergency Services Academy, Pararescue School (PJOC), and different Powered Flight Academies all around the country. Next month I will be flying to Washington, D.C in order to attend the Civic Leadership Academy, one of the most prestigious academies Civil Air Patrol has to offer. By summer, our squadron will be one of the best in entire country!