cap glider trip

By: Casey Robinson on Apr 10, 2022 | Categories:

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There are many activities in Civil Air Patrol like ground team training, rescue training, and flights.

Today the Civil Air Patrol got to go glider flying. Glider flying is when an airplane tows a glider thousands of feet into the air and releases you to start a descent to a runway. This Morning CAP got together for their first glider mission since the start of the pandemic. At 8:30 am, the cadets disembarked campus after a quick safety briefing and made their way to Bermuda High Glider Port for their gliding. Once they arrived, they were given an extensive safety briefing by the staff, and they were off to the runway. We were given an extensive tour of the glider and how it operates. I then got in the glider, and we were towed 3000 feet into the air. Then I was released with the instructor, and we glided around and saw some amazing sights like a goldmine, a quarry, and a Turkey Farm. We were up for around 20 minutes before making our descent to the ground. Then we had lunch on the benches while we discussed our experiences, and finally, we made our way back to campus after this eventful day.

By Cadet Austin Parrish