CAP Cadets Learn Wilderness First Aid & Skills

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 30, 2023 | Categories: General, Clubs

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Lieutenant Grogan and LTC Melburg, leading our Civil Air Patrol cadets, visited Sumter, SC a few weekends back. During this visit to the Sumter Air Force base, our CAP cadets got certified in Wilderness First Aid, which is part of their prep for North Carolina Ranger Training Weekend to qualify for Ground Team Three! So, what's it all about, you might ask? Well, it means these cadets are learning how to spend 24 hours in the field and do basic search and rescue. We learned first aid, navigation, and rescue skills. All of these things would help assist us in situations like helping find lost hikers or missing aircraft. It was a great experience and we learned some valuable skills.

- Cadet Ty Delvolt (CAP)