Can Anyone Join the Camden Scouting Troop?

By: Casey Robinson on May 27, 2014 | Categories: General, Clubs

Who can join our troop? Any boy that is in good standing with Scouting is more than welcome to join. Any cadet under the age of 15 who is in good standing with the school can also potentially join. For boys over the age of 15 with no scouting experience, I let the existing troop members look over the new prospect. Oft times, older boys join for the wrong reasons. Joining just to "get off campus" provides a wrong attitude that can make for an irritating outing experience for those boys trying to be serious about their scouting career. Also, those boys that might be 16-17 years old and joining must understand that they will not be getting to Eagle. There won't be enough time. Having said that, I have had older guys join me and turn out to the best help to the younger scouts because of their knowledge and willingness to help with the troop. I also from time to time make young adult leaders out of deserving cadets who understand Scouting. They don't have to be an Eagle scout by any means, just be willing to take an "adult" perspective and fill out the large amount of paperwork involved with this endeavor.