Camden Military Academy – School Year in Full Swing

By: Casey Robinson on Aug 27, 2013 | Categories:

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Camden Military Academy – School Year in Full Swing
After 3 days of registering the Cadre (Friday afternoon), our new cadets (all day Saturday), and returning cadets (Sunday); CMA is now in full swing for the 2013-2014 school year. Academics, Athletics, and Adjusting to a whole new way of life for these young men are under way. Among the regular activities of PT (physical training), military drills, three square meals, hours of teaching and learning in the classroom and athletic fields, and mandatory study hall at night; it is also COC Certification Week and Safety Week which includes Tornado and Fire Drills.
Academics is the main priority here at CMA. This first week the cadets will spend hours in the classroom, in the learning center, attending tutorials and mandatory study hall for two hours every night. In addition, we will have Saturday classes this week.
As a part of our developing “the whole man” concept, all cadets will attend our mandatory chapel service on Sunday morning. Our Chaplain, Magnus Walker, will be presenting the message. After nurturing the spiritual aspect of these young men, we will reward them for their hard work this week by taking them to a trip to Carowinds – an amusement park in Charlotte, NC.

--Brent Kendall, Admissions