Camden Cross Country Meet September 8th

By: Casey Robinson on Sep 9, 2016 | Categories:

Yesterday (on September 8th, 2016), Camden Military Academy held its annual tradition of physical and spiritual challenges which is aptly named the “Spartan Challenge”. Each company put forth their best foot in the competition. Unfortunately, for the Cross-Country team, there was a meet two hours after the “Spartan Challenge” was over. I, cadet Wiesmore, was personally not feeling motivated to run the meet as well as some of my comrades. The team would complain and whine whilst the coach would have none of it, pushing his team to do what they had consciously signed up for. The team would run on a course that was in a scene from a renowned movie called, “The Patriot”. A luscious field of grass, several acres wide with a single white, two story Antebellum house atop a hill. The CMA Cross-Country team was then in high spirits…myself included. We ran a sandy course that circled the land in front of the house, then to an entrance through the foliage of the nearby woods. There we ran a woodland course that swayed and curved through the brush. We encountered a pond that smelled of sulfur but reflected like a mirror. Afterwards, there was a tree like canyon with grass running all through the bottom, where we crossed and filed into an entryway of ivy that looked like something from a movie. From there, the team exited from the woods and continued up the hill to the house. Then the course curved and came back to the finish line where each person sprinted for the glory of the team.