Camden Cross-Country

By: Casey Robinson on Sep 12, 2013 | Categories: General, Athletics, Academic, Clubs, Open House, Summer Programs

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Sanders Forrester
Today the cross country team traveled to Lancaster to run against 2 other schools. It was our first meet of the season and it was extremely hot. Although we did not do very well it was great to see everyone working together as a team to motivate and encourage each other. After the race, we celebrated our hard work and sportsmanship with dinner at Chick Fil A.

Cameron Key
The meet yesterday was brutally hot. It was a difficult run, especially against experienced and well-trained teams. It was only our first meet of the season, but we had great team spirit. We were not the best team out there running, but we all ran with one heart beat and minds full of motivation to finish the race.

Nick Ash
We all lined up. Camden is between two schools. Lancaster is on the right and North was on our left. They blow the horn to tell us all to go and it starts. We all are funning forward headed towards the same thing. Every time I think of cross country the word freedom comes to mind mainly because you feel so free. Just running and feeling the breeze all around you, there are not really any restrictions. When I running I couldn’t believe how quickly out of breath I was. I kept reminding myself to breath in and out slowly the 7 miles. You never fully realize how long such a distance is until you are running it. But when you begin to get towards the end you feel yourself get excited. I made it and I practically thought I would never make it. No, I didn’t get first place but it is not always about being the best, it is about doing your best and giving it your all. Reaching that finish line you feel amazing and then you also feel super dehydrated. So being handed some water and Gatorade is amazing!