Camden Alumni Reaches Out to Another

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 25, 2013 | Categories: General, Athletics, Academic, Clubs, Open House, Summer Programs


When Keith McRae (Garrison) arrived at the College of Charleston to move in to his apartment for the start of his Junior year he did not know how he and his parents would manage the move. McRae had just had surgery a little over a month prior on both knees to correct injuries he incurred while at the United States Military Academy. The injuries which shortened his time at West Point had worsened due to Veteran’s Affairs delays making the repairs quite extensive and the surgeons were unable to repair all the damage. The recovery time from surgery was expected to be a full year which meant McRae would have challenges walking in Charleston and moving in at school. Upon arriving at the College of Charleston the vehicle lines to move in to his apartment were at a standstill a few blocks away and his parents’ vehicle was rerouted through the city traffic. Local police officers informed them they would have to park somewhere else to move in. They would have to carry all his goods down three city blocks. Some items were too heavy to be hauled that distance. As the family grew concerned about the circumstances, God provided for them. McRae, still on crutches, suddenly received a text message from Brad Diefendorf, CMA ’11. Diefendorf, now a Citadel cadet, simply stated that he was working for an apartment complex on the College’s campus helping with move in. Diefendorf knew McRae was attending the College. Within a few minutes it was discovered that he was working in the same apartment building in which McRae was moving. Diefendorf immediately came to the aid of McRae and his family assisting with the move. He even helped McRae’s father carry a hundred pound trunk three blocks through the city. He ensured that McRae, his family and his things were safe through the process. McRae’s family is extremely grateful for the assistance they received from another CMA alumni and noted it was like having another member of the family around. Just goes to show you that at Camden Military Academy the boys become more like brothers than classmates.

(Pictured: Brad Diefendorf (CMA ’11) on left and Keith McRae (CMA ’10) on the right.)