Camden Military Academy Graduates to Attend United States Service Academies

By: Casey Robinson on May 15, 2019 | Categories: General, Academic

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Camden Military Academy, the official military academy of South Carolina has two graduating seniors attending service academies in the Fall. Many high schools are fortunate to have one service academy appointee in a graduating class, but CMA has two appointees in the same year.

Jonathan Niles Leach of Tonasket, Washington will be attending the United States Air Force Academy and Nicolo Pucciarelli of Lakeland, Tennessee will be attending the United States Military Academy at West Point. Both cadets received Congressional appointments and passed rigorous interview, physical fitness and academic requirements.

Cadet Leach says, "CMA really helped me prepare for the Air Force Academy by increasing my physical fitness and forcing me to become more independent." Cadet Pucciarelli states, "CMA has increased my self-confidence which allowed me to receive my appointment."

Some think that because CMA is a military high school that enrolling in the military is expected of cadets; however, that is incorrect. Camden Military prides itself on over 95% of its graduates continuing their education at a college or university. The Headmaster, Col. Eric Boland, says, "we may have one service academy appointee each year or every other year, but we are very proud to have two outstanding young men receive appointments this year."