Camden in the Summer

By: Casey Robinson on Jun 27, 2023 | Categories: General

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When cadets depart campus to begin their summer break or their next step in life after graduation, the campus of Camden Military Academy becomes almost silent. The sound of the bugle at sunrise can be heard no more, as well cadets calling cadence marching to the dining hall for breakfast. The campus itself seems like it is missing something, like a piece of the puzzle has been removed. As the sun rises above an empty campus, the grass is green and the magnolia trees are in full bloom. As the days of summer pass, prospective families and their sons walk the pathways and are able to get a small glimpse into what is to come by joining the brotherhood of Camden. The faculty and staff of Camden Military Academy miss our cadets, but in absence we are able to appreciate the beauty of our campus and look forward to what the upcoming year brings.