Cadets Recap on the Cross Country Season

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 6, 2015 | Categories: General, Athletics


There are things about cross country racing that you learn later. It’s not all about speed but the passion to push yourself and your body to the extreme. My freshman year coach once said that endurance is the one key factor. Accelerate too fast and you may not have that final stamina to speed up in the end.

Cross country is seen by many as an easy sport. If you think it is easy to run a three point one miles uphill without stopping, I suggest you give it a shot. During the first seconds of the meet I rush off the starting spot because I do not want to get caught in the dust storm. During the first turn a lot of other runners started to pick up the pace, so I tried to maintain my position at the front.

A runner seemed to be struggling to keep up, so throughout the race I do my best to keep him at my pace. I wanted him to have a good score; even though he was on a rival team, he was still a cross country runner. I believe it is good sportsmanship to help improve others and not just ourselves.

-Cadet John Hutchins