Cadets Experience Traditional Chinese dinner: Hot Pot or 火锅

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 20, 2015 | Categories: General

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On Wednesday the 11th of March, 2015 some of the cadets of Camden Military Academy

sat down together for a traditional Chinese dinner known as hot pot or 火锅.

Four Chinese cadets including myself, Cadet Shen, invited cadets; Hooton, Benyada and

Diabate to a dinner put on by our teacher, Mr. Woodcock. The origins of hot pot are somewhat

unknown; however it is thought to have started 1,000 years ago in Mongolia.

It was during the Qing Dynasty that hot pot became widely popular throughout China.

Today hot pot comes in many different regional variations from; Beijing style to Sichuan style to

Hong Kong style. Our teacher prepared the Sichuan style, which is known for its spicy broth.

Staying with tradition he heated the pot of peppers, oil and spices using coal instead of the

modern way of heating by electricity or propane. The ingredients also vary but usually consist of

meat, vegetable and seafood. These ingredients are put into the pot and after they finish cooking

are scooped out by way of a metal spoon or picked out by chopsticks. And then the best part, we

eat. Some like to dip the ingredients into a peanut style sauce known as Ma Jiang before eating.

That is hot pot and it is delicious, everyone should give it a try.

Written by: Zuguang Shen

Chinese Translator: Bo Liu (Sophmore. Hebei, China)

French Translator: Amdou Diabate (Freshman. Mali, Africa)

Arabic Translator: Anas Benyada (Freshman. Morocco, Africa)

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