cadets under go one tough inspection

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The SMI or Special Morning Inspection is a thorough inspection that checks even the most minute of details. The SMI is an opportunity for the Commandant to walk through and see the barracks at their absolute best, and the best is required to pass. From rooms to police call areas to personal appearance, this tough inspection will get even the laziest of cadets rearranging their rooms to make sure the floor is clear of dirt and debris. The SMI is quite helpful to members of the chain of command as well because it promotes communication and teaches especially newer cadets what the standard should look like. Junk drawers are being dumped, newly made beds are being carried, and the hum of vacuums sounds in unison as the company strives for perfection. Footlockers are arranged in a certain way, with the centerpiece being the Camden Bluebook for the current school year. The highest ranks down to the lowest are all to be clean-shaven and dressed in their dress uniforms with proper measurements. As the time draws nearer, cadets will make their final adjustments to whatever they need and stand by their doorways to a room that will hopefully meet the expectation. The Company commander reports to the Commandant, and they step off into the hallway where one could hear a pin drop. He carefully analyzes the room in full; usually, it is the case that he notices the one thing you missed, that you least expected. After it is all said and done, there is a feeling of collective relief, assuming all went well. The SMI isn’t the most exciting event at Camden, but a necessary one and presents no reason for panic to the well-prepared cadet.

By Cadet Wilhelm

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