Cadets start poetry coming into the second semester!

By: Casey Robinson on Jan 19, 2022 | Categories:

As the second semester of our school year gets underway, Captain Yeatts’ English I and II classes have begun their study of Poetry. Informal polling of cadets in Captain Yeatts’ four English classes suggested that Poetry is one of his students’ least favorite genres of writing. The cadets’ reported distaste for sonnets and odes is not uncommon and is often a simple matter of human nature; we tend to dislike what we don’t know or have not tried. In addition to the Course Standards of Learning, Captain Yeatts’ promotes the idea that, when we encounter Poetry, Art, Film, and Music, etc., we don’t have to like everything that’s out there, but we should understand them, know how they work, and be able to share our thoughts and opinions intelligently. After one week of study, Captain Yeatts revisited his students’ position on Poetry and found positive signs that transformative learning is taking place.

“I like poetry because you can interpret poems in a lot of different ways.“

-Cadet SSG Jayven Watkins

“I wish we could read more Edgar Allen Poe.”

-Cadet Xavier Hudgins

“I like Free Verse because you can experiment with language and forms.”

-Cadet Brayden Walker