cadets plan a dream trip to a spanish speaking country in Spanish 2

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 15, 2022 | Categories:

There are currently 7117 known languages spoken by people around the world. Of those languages, there are over 500 million people that speak Spanish, 37 million of which live in the United States and the cadets here at CMA are adding themselves to that number. Each day my students work hard to master the language in our Spanish 2 class and although it’s not always an easy concept to grasp, they have risen to the challenge. Very soon we will be embarking on a trip, here in class of course, where we will begin one of the student's favorite sections. It’s the section dealing with travel where they will be able to prepare that dream trip they’ve always wanted and learn how to navigate international waters using the language they’ve been studying for the past two years. Together, we will search out the far-reaching destinations, explore the taste of those countries and look for the adventure of a lifetime while taking the road less traveled. After conducting their research, they will then present their findings to the class so that we too can savor the richness each culture has to offer. Upon completion of our project, we will then travel back in time to the time of the crusades where we will step into the shoes of Pedro, a knight's templar who is on a conquest to protect a loved one.

Written by, MAJ.Grogan