cadets learn to create and format a survey.

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 7, 2022 | Categories: Academic

This is my Computer Applications class. Here, we're learning how to utilize Google Forms. Google Forms is essential for creating surveys, invitations, etc to obtain necessary information. During this particular lesson, cadets are learning how to create and format a basic survey for an event that they are hosting. Completely hypothetical, but I believe it is imperative to understand how to navigate through this application. Cadets had the option of choosing one of six types of events:

  1. Celebration/Birthday Party
  2. Sporting Event
  3. Convention
  4. News Survey
  5. Concert
  6. Festival

Each Cadet was responsible for first, creating an inventory list of all the items they would need for their event. They researched what it means to handle the operational aspect of hosting an event so they would have an idea in the future. Next, cadets researched how to market their event via social media, website, and/or advertisement. Each of these are extremely helpful tools to help promote their event.

To end, our cadets submitted their survey to ensure full participation and to host a high-quality event!

Written By, CPT. Landers