Cadet Weaver Reflects on His Years at CMA

By: Casey Robinson on Jan 27, 2021 | Categories: General

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My name is Cadet Matthew Weaver and I am the company commander of Delta Company. This is my sixth year at CMA and I am now in my last few months before graduating in May. These next few months, I will focus on my grades more than ever, spend the last months with my friends, and prepare for college. After graduation, I will use the knowledge, tools and skills that the school has provided me inside and outside of the classroom, the most important will be time management.

I am a little nervous to start my life alone outside of CMA but I am also excited to do so. I plan on going back to Colorado for college and majoring in business. I do not have a plan set in stone like most other seniors, but my thought process is to go into real estate management, work while in college, and then try and become a personal trainer on the side. On graduation day, my last day at CMA, I will probably be a little sad but I am excited for all of my “new beginnings” that will start very soon!

--by Cadet Matthew Weaver