"Dear Covid" By cadet Tkach.

By: Casey Robinson on Jan 25, 2022 | Categories:

Dear Covid, I think you should stop mutating and spreading because, so far it has affected my education, social life, and my personal goals like receiving my PPL (private pilots license), which is usually offered here at Camden Military Academy. Ever since Covid struck, Camden Military Academy has been a closed campus which means we can’t leave to help prevent the spread of Covid. Also, Covid delayed me from receiving my driving license, which kind of bummed me out.

Before I came to Camden Military Academy, I attended a public school that used zoom instead of real teaching and because I didn't have the mental strength to choose school over video games, my grades dropped, but sense I have attended Camden Military Academy I haven't received anything below a 95 because of the motivation to do well in school.

Also because of Covid, during public school, I didn't have much contact with my friends and other kids which hurt my social life and my mental health, which improved here at Camden Military Academy because I was around kids my age and supportive adults. Anyways please stop Covid.