Cadet Challenge Blog

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 30, 2020 | Categories: General, Athletics

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The Cadet Challenge is a JROTC physical test to see where you are at in different areas of physical fitness. One of the areas is flexibility. They test this by having you sit down with your legs spread out and measure how far you could reach your arms out in front of you. Another exercise performed are sit-ups. The leaders set a timer for one minute and see how many sit ups you can do. This activity focuses on core strength.

An activity that focuses on endurance is the shuttle run. Leaders placed two wooden blocks on a piece of tape and you had to run and grab one of them and throw it down then go back and get the other one and do the same thing. The last exercise that we did were pull ups. This focused on upper body strength. Each year we can compare your scores to the scores from the year before and see how much cadets have improved!

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