CMA Archaeological Society

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 23, 2012 | Categories:

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On Friday, February, 10, Camden Military Academy Archaeological Society took a field trip to the Adamson Indian Mounds in Camden,S.C. Christopher Judge, a professor of archaeology at USC Lancaster, met the group of nine cadets with Major Ghaffar. Professor Judge explained the origin of the two mounds and their cultural significance. He lectured the students about the Mississippian Indian culture and about the effects of contact with early Spanish conquistadors. The Spanish came to Camden in 1540 and left very little archaeological evidence. Professor Judge told the cadets the stories of Juan Pardo, and of Hernando DeSoto and their travels through what is now South Carolina, and offered some possible explanations for teh mysterious absence of Spanish artifacts. The cadets attending the field trip were: Peed, Satterfield, Warters, Evans, Thompson, J, Hardee, Layne, J, Vogel, and Trznadel, A.