Business class by Captain Grogan

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 28, 2020 | Categories: General, Academic

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As our Thanksgiving Break approaches, I sit back and realize just how fast these first two months have flown by. Although much has changed, we have learned to adapt and move forward. After all that is a valuable life lesson that we all need to learn and be reminded of from time to time. My business class is small but made up of a small group of special students who challenge each other and myself each day. We are currently finishing up our study on the Social Security & Medicare Acts and how it affects not only our paychecks but our future. Each student is able to see what they can do to set themselves up for financial success in the future as they come to realize that they should not depend on SS to provide all they might need in the future. As we continue to move forward learning about stocks, mutual funds, IRA’s I’m excited to see how each cadet will learn from these studies and the things that I might see them learn from one another.