Bullying Play Preparation

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 1, 2015 | Categories: General, Academic, Clubs


Alice Thaxton's Art Appreciation class and Theatre Arts class had important roles in promoting the Bullying Play that was recently presented by Col. Deborah Hartley’s Drama Class. Art Appreciation cadets created posters to display around the school. The class researched reasons why teens bully others because they wanted to send a strong message against bullying to the cadets at CMA . The entire class took part in painting the posters, and each student used his own special talent to help with the project.

The set for the play was designed by the Theatre Arts class. After reviewing last year's play, the students decided there were several areas that needed improvement. One of the first improvements was the lighting along with new scenery, props, and costumes. The cadets almost drove the other teachers crazy with drilling and hammering! The students also scoured the school and asked teachers for props. After building, painting and many trips to Walmart, the students were successful in providing a very credible background for the actors.