By: Casey Robinson on May 6, 2014 | Categories: General, Clubs

SO - Your cadet wants to join the troop? He has to SEE ME, LTC Simonson, the Scoutmaster to see if joining the troop is a viable option. If you are coming in with your cadet during registration, you can see me! Otherwise, your young man can come to one of the scout meetings. We meet at least once a week. Listen for announcements during meals. We usually on a Monday or Tuesday of each week. The biggest item is clearing the paperwork and paying the yearly fees. Paperwork can be filled out be the parent while here at CMA, or it can be mailed out and sent back. I generally look for kids UNDER 15 years of age IF they never had BOY scout experience. Boys of any age WITH BOY scout experience are more than welcome to come talk to me! And there are opportunities for non-scout cadets for service hours from all the projects we do in a typical year.