By: Matthew Weaver on Feb 24, 2021 | Categories: General

Here at Camden Military Academy, brotherhood is an everyday part of our lives. Brotherhood is more than just being friends or even best friends; it runs deeper than that. You have each other's backs through thick and thin, and if they ever call upon you, then you are there to help them no matter what. You drop what you are doing so you can help them and vice versa. Brotherhood means the cadets are your family, your brothers.

Those who have a brotherhood would say that it means everything, and it just doesn't happen in a day or a week. You might not know that person or group of people, but after months of being with them, you learn everything about them. You open yourselves to each other and tell stories and create your own story with those people. You want these people in your future, and they become your second family or that family that you never had. They become an important part of your life. Like any family, you love them, bicker with each other, get annoyed, but will be there for each other.

Cadet: Weaver.M