boyscouts attend local Council annual banquet.

By: Casey Robinson on Apr 8, 2022 | Categories:

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The Boy Scouts of Camden Military Academy have had a very successful year. We had several young men earn their Eagle Rank. These new Eagle Scouts were recognized at our local Council’s annual banquet. Two of our Scouts were chosen to carry our Nation’s Flag and our State’s Flag for the opening ceremony. In addition, recently over twenty of the Scouts learned about rifle safety and spent a weekend camping, going to the range, and putting their new knowledge to use. Several of our Scouts shot very well. In addition, twelve of our Boy Scouts were able to attend the Camden City Council meeting. This was a great opportunity for them since it fulfills a requirement for two different merit badges that are required for them to complete their trail to achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.

In the realm of the Math Department, the onslaught of letters continues to challenge many of the cadets. One of the cadets said last week, “Sir, there are no numbers on the board. It's all English letters, Greek letters, and symbols that I don’t recognize.” This was a great moment in the class to remind the cadets that math is not confined to numbers but is instead indeed a foreign language. Mathematics is the language of science allowing us to communicate with Mathematicians, Scientists, and Engineers from around the world. The next turn of events will be the beginning of the study of matrices. Next week, we will start working with a board that has almost no letters or symbols on it at all. We will have merely rows and rows of numbers in varying numbers of columns. It will be a fun way to end the year.

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